Preparing for a New Semester


As you prepare your spring courses, here are a couple of things you may want to build into your planning: 

  • Visit your classroom in advance. Consider doing a test run of the technology you’ll be using in class—lapel mic, screen mirroring, and so forth. See the short video below for a tour of setting up in a GU classroom. To gain entry to a locked classroom, contact CETS. Setting Up for Class in the Upgraded Classrooms from CNDLS on Vimeo.
  • Help your students stay connected to the course. Students and faculty will no doubt continue to be on high alert regarding their health and protecting the wellbeing of others.
    • Think about your approach to attendance. We’ll continue to face students’ public health-related absences from class. How will you plan to make course materials available to students who are absent due to illness or quarantine? Some sample ideas on responding to absences:
      • I can Zoom you, but need several hours’ prior notice.
      • I will have Zoom on for certain portions of the class, and while I will do my best to include remote students as fully as possible, please be aware that certain portions of the class may not be accessible via Zoom.
      • Zoom won’t be available, but please connect with this asynchronous resource on Canvas.
      • Please come see me in virtual office hours to go over what you missed.
      • I will upload the Zoom recordings, slides, class notes, and other course materials for you to review.
    • We’ve put together more ideas on designing your syllabus for Spring 2022. 
  • Reflect on the fall 2021 experience. While many of us hoped that fall 2021 would return us to a pre-pandemic normal, we may have been caught off-guard when classroom technology, increased student absences, and requests to Zoom into class all produced challenges. Because spring 2022 is likely to replicate much of what we’ve just experienced, it may be wise to plan in advance for how you’re going to handle the issues that you and other faculty experienced.
  • Familiarize yourself with various hybrid techniques to incorporate students who remain at a distance.  

Guide for Faculty

Guide for Students

CNDLS Office Hours

To support you as we return to campus, CNDLS is available for consultations.  Currently, we are operating on a notification basis.  Please ‘ring our doorbell’ below and a CNDLS staff member will reach out to you immediately.  


For information on office hours offered by CETS, UIS, and other partners, please click here.

Quick Tips for Spring 2022

Designing your course to offer flexibility to students will allow you to surf whatever circumstances bring this spring. Visit this page for tips on how to tweak your course and syllabus. And, as you get accustomed to the upgraded campus classrooms, we’ve put together some tips for using those upgraded classrooms, and CETS has created a cheatsheet for recording using Zoom directly from Canvas.