Proctorio is a secure, online test taking solution that enables you to ensure academic integrity for your exams and quizzes from within Canvas. It is fully automated, scalable and integrated into Canvas.

Proctorio is available to all faculty who wish to enable online proctoring for quizzes and exams administered through Canvas. With its machine learning and advanced facial detection technology, Proctorio incorporates a broad range of features, such as identity verification, test monitoring, and others designed to support academic integrity.

Given that Proctorio has a wide range of options, CNDLS recommends that faculty arrange a consultation by emailing to discuss Proctorio’s affordances for your specific needs.


When deciding to set up a Proctorio-enabled exam, please consider the following:

  • Students need access to a computer (Windows or Mac), a webcam, and adequate Internet service. Proctorio does not work on tablet computers or smartphones. We recommend you survey students before implementing Proctorio to determine if they have the required hardware setup and Internet access. If you run into problems, see this UIS page on internet connectivity issues.
  • Proctorio works in the Chrome browser only (for both instructors and students).
  • In many cases, it may make more sense to consider alternative assessment ideas rather than use proctoring software. For essay, short answer, take home, and open book/Internet exams, a Canvas online assignment may suffice if proctoring is not needed.

Proctorio Guides

Proctorio is an online proctoring tool that works as a monitoring tool for your Canvas quizzes. Follow these steps to get started:

Faculty Support and Additional Resources

You can contact Proctorio Support via live chat from within Canvas 24/7 after you enable Proctorio in your course using the Chrome extension you installed. You can also email Proctorio support at

For step-by-step instructions, visit Proctorio’s Canvas PDF and Training Videos which include:

Georgetown Proctorio demonstration recording (3-11-2020)

Student Support and Resources

24/7 support is available for students by visiting Proctorio Support.

See also Proctorio Best Practices for Students (PDF).

To use Proctorio students are required to:

  • Use a computer with a functioning webcam and microphone (no iPads, kindles, or mobile devices)
  • Have a reliable internet connection
  • Use Google Chrome browser
  • Install the Proctorio extension to the Google Chrome browser
  • Use a quiet private location
  • Have a GU photo ID ready to show (if instructor requires)

Recommended Settings

Certain exam settings work best for certain use cases. Visit Recommended Settings for Popular Exam Types to review different exam settings.

NOTE: In order to access the links below be sure to be logged into your Proctorio enabled Canvas course first.

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For information on daily office hours offered by CETS, UIS and other partners, please visit the contact page.

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