Here you’ll find a complete list of recorded instructional continuity webinars.

Instructional Continuity 101

In this webinar, Instructional Continuity 101, we focus on a handful of tools and techniques to help you adapt your course for an online or hybrid environment.

Facilitating a Class Session in Zoom

In this webinar, Facilitating a Class Session in Zoom, we introduce you to Zoom, a web conferencing tool that can be used to host synchronous, or asynchronous class sessions when teaching at a distance.  

Organizing materials in canvas

This webinar, Organizing Course Materials in Canvas, highlights how to use Modules and Pages in Canvas so that your students are able to locate course materials with ease.

Assessing Students

During this Webinar, Assessing Students, we share an overview of different assessment strategies for teaching at a distance.

Quizzes in Canvas

During this Webinar, Quizzes in Canvas, we share an overview of creating and using Quizzes in Canvas.

Writing Assignments

This webinar, Writing Assignments highlights how you can maintain academic integrity for writing assignments using Turnitin in Canvas for formative or summative assessment.

Proctoring Online Tests in Canvas

In this webinar, Proctoring Online Tests in Canvas, we share how a new tool, Proctorio, integrates with quizzes in Canvas to support academic integrity of online tests.

Having Productive Online Discussions

During this Webinar, Having Productive Online Discussions, we share an overview of different strategies to encourage student collaboration and engagement when teaching at a distance.

Script Writing

In this webinar, Script Writing, we share why and how to script recorded content. 

Recording Lectures for online classes

During this Webinar, we share an overview of different strategies to record lectures for online courses.

Learning Analytics in Canvas

During the Learning Analytics in Canvas webinar, we review the data available to you within your Canvas courses to be able to understand how your students are engaging online.

Accommodating Students at a Distance

During the Accommodating Students at a Distance webinar, the Executive Director of the Academic Resource Center, Joseph Fisher, joins us to share good practices and resources for accommodating a variety of student learning needs when teaching at a distance.

Accessing Library E-Resources

In this session, join John Kimbrough, an Electronic Resources Librarian at the GU Library, to learn how to access Library resources from home and other helpful tips for continuing your research while off campus. 

Using SpeedGrader IN Canvas

In this webinar, Using SpeedGrader in Canvas, we overview how you can use SpeedGrader to efficiently grade student submissions in Canvas. 

Canvas Gradebook

The Gradebook in Canvas is a powerful tool to help you manage and monitor student progress in your course. In this webinar, we introduce you to the functionality of the Canvas Gradebook and demonstrate how you can get the most out of the tool.

Designing and Delivering Final Exams in Canvas

In this webinar, Designing and Delivering Final Exams in Canvas, we cover strategies for conducting exams remotely using tools supported at Georgetown. We also address what to communicate to your students and how to accommodate special cases when administering remote exams.

Note: We will be posting captioned versions of the recordings in the next few days.

Office Hours

For support with tools and tips for teaching online, CNDLS provides virtual office hours, Monday-Friday. Click here to enter virtual office hours.  Hours of operation: Monday – Thursday, 10 am – 4 pm and Friday between 10 am and 12 pm. After hours, you can reach us at  


CNDLS is hosting a series of webinars to help address key questions when teaching at a distance. Please find a list of the webinars below and for more training opportunities, please visit the training page. Recorded sessions are available here.