CNDLS Course Design Institute – Summer 2020

Designing a Signature Georgetown Experience for Remote Learning in Summer 2020

Beginning on May 11, 2020, CNDLS will offer a number of support activities and online resources to help you design and teach your Summer 2020 course. [Additional Information will be made available soon about the Course Design Institute for Fall 2020 courses.]

In addition to all the content of the upcoming Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI) (May 19-20), we will be running two separate Course Design Institutes.

Our goal for the Course Design Institute is to help you deliver a fully remote course that emphasizes intentional, engaged, and responsive learning—synchronously and asynchronously—while also helping you take advantage of the tools available to you in a virtual learning environment.

As we continue remote learning for the summer, we look forward to working with you to develop a signature Georgetown course experience for your students, an experience that incorporates Georgetown’s core values of academic excellence, teaching to the whole person, faith in justice, and community in diversity.

Please consider joining us to help you move your course into a virtual learning environment for the summer.

We are offering two different scheduling options for participation in the CNDLS Course Design Institute. Each version covers the same material over 8-10 hours of engagement; the difference is how these sessions are paced.

 3-Week Extended Cohort, May 13, 21 and 27: This flexible, 3-week version with TLISI in the middle will be spread over multiple shorter engagements each week, scheduled according to participants’ availability. Sessions will be shorter (3 hours of online engagement) plus asynchronous activities: Register here

 2-Day Intensive Cohort, May 18 and 21: This 2-day version will require between 4-5 hours per day of online engagement each day, as well as opportunities to engage in sessions during TLISI (May 19 & 20): Register here

During the Institute, you will work synchronously and asynchronously in small peer cohorts to adapt your course to a remote learning environment. Cohorts will be designated based on the type of course you are teaching, allowing you to work closely with colleagues and facilitators on your specific course, whether it is a small seminar, a large lecture, a lab-based course, or a course with other needs.

Course Design Institute Overview

Introduction & Goals
  • What is a signature Georgetown learning experience?
  • What are our students saying about remote learning this spring?
  • What does it mean to develop a flexible, adaptive, and engaging course whether it is online, hybrid, or face to face?
Design: Deliver, Engage, Assess
  • How can you design or adapt a course to prioritize student engagement and active learning in both synchronous and asynchronous teaching?
  • How can you creatively design or adapt a course to a new, flexible learning environment that employs the best practices from learning science to meet the specific needs of your course?
  • How can you meaningfully integrate technology into your remote course?
Teach: Presence, Responsiveness, Community
  • How can you be active and present in online or hybrid courses?
  • How can you respond effectively and productively to your students at a distance?
  • How can you create community, interaction, and inclusive learning for your students?

Office Hours

For support with tools and tips for teaching online, CNDLS provides virtual office hours, Monday-Friday. Click here to enter virtual office hours.  Hours of operation: Monday – Thursday, 10 am – 4 pm and Friday between 10 am and 12 pm. After hours, you can reach us at  


CNDLS is hosting a series of webinars to help address key questions when teaching at a distance. Please find a list of the webinars below and for more training opportunities, please visit the training page. Recorded sessions are available here.