Resources to support our return to campus

Returning to campus to teach and learn will in some ways feel familiar, but it will also be very different from other in-person semesters. The effects of the pandemic experience—grief, anxiety, disruptions in learning, etc.—will still be with us. With all this in mind, CNDLS has developed resources for both faculty and students to help make the return as successful as possible. In this new Return to Campus section, you’ll find principles and information about how to attend to well-being in this unique semester, as well as resources on how to teach and learn in different modalities.  Watch this space for evolving resources this summer. 

Guide for Faculty


Acknowledge the past year as one of difficulty; acknowledge the coming year as one of transition.

Be flexible. While ‘normal’ may seem like it’s on the horizon, we are still transitioning. We will be called upon to remain flexible—with deadlines, with attendance, with modality.

Extend compassion. We’ve all been through something hard. Each and everyone of us has been affected in some way, and these effects are not always visible or vocalized.

Emphasize the importance of community and a sense of belonging. We learned first-hand the importance of connection to each other last year. With an expanded toolbox and a heightened awareness of the need for belonging across all groups, we can lean into relationships and encourage students to do the same.

Avoid “business as usual” this fall. Some communities were hit much harder than others and many are still grieving. All of us have spent a year and a half adapting and coping. We’ve learned a lot during this period about how to make our teaching effective and inclusive, and we’ll want to keep growing in those directions.

Check the latest University guidelines for returning to campus by clicking here. 

CNDLS Office Hours

CNDLS provides virtual office hours for support with teaching practices and tools. Summer office hours are available 10 am – 3 pm by clicking the button below.  After hours, please email For information on office hours offered by CETS, UIS, and other partners, please click here.

Tip of the Week

This past semester, over 100 students supported instructors’ remote classes as Instructional Technology Aides (ITAs). We’ve assembled a roundup of insights from the ITAs that you might find useful as you think about your fall classes.

CNDLS Calendar

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