Everyone’s talking about instructional continuity, which means that great ideas for teaching are accumulating in lots of different places. As we come across resources that we think could be useful to you, we’ll collect them here, updating in an ongoing way.

The pages under the Resources menu include a wide range of support resources including:

  • Guide for Different Course Types & Challenging Activities –  A selection of approaches to course types and activities that are challenging to bring online when moving certain courses online, from science labs and studio art exercises to experiential learning activities.
  • Guides for Remote Learning – A collection of thematic guides on how to get started with remote learning, how to adapt hands-on classes, how to engage in the teaching practices you want to bring online, and how to work with the online tools we have available.
  • Faculty Examples – A collection of stories we’ve heard from faculty who have found solutions and approaches to moving online.
  • Faculty Preparation Checklist – we’ve identified a few things you might wish to establish in order to get started with remote teaching. We also have a checklist for students.
  • FAQs – A list of Frequently Asked Questions about remote teaching challenges.
  • Library & Bookstore Resources – A set of very helpful resources from the Library, intended to help you and your students get support for electronic course materials.
  • Student Resources – A number of guides specifically for students addressing such issues as how to make the most of courses online and privacy considerations for remote learning tools. 
  • External Links & Resources –  Finally, a short list of External Sites culled from the many, many support sites that have been developed recently to support faculty across the country as we deal with this unprecedented situation. Also available in this section is a page on Companies That Are Helping, a list of companies that have responded to the COVID-19 crisis with free/extended access, as well as info on the edX Remote Access Program, an opportunity to take edX courses toward a Verified Certificate for free.

Office Hours

For support with tools and tips for teaching online, CNDLS provides virtual office hours, Monday-Friday. Click here to enter virtual office hours.  Hours of operation: Monday – Thursday, 10 am – 4 pm and Friday between 10 am and 12 pm. After hours, you can reach us at  


CNDLS is hosting a series of webinars to help address key questions when teaching at a distance. Please find a list of the webinars below and for more training opportunities, please visit the training page. Recorded sessions are available here.