Syllabus Template

The following is a syllabus template that you can use to develop your course syllabus that is geared toward a more flexible learning environment. It includes language for technical requirements, netiquette guidelines, and much more.

Pre-course Survey

This is a template for a pre-course survey that you can customize based on your needs. You can send this to your students to get a better understanding of their technology setup and their expectations or concerns related to remote learning. You can deliver a pre-course survey in multiple formats including as an ungraded survey in Canvas or as a Google Form.

Canvas Course Template

To help faculty and instructors develop online courses efficiently, SCS and CNDLS created a basic Canvas course template. We recommend importing the template into a blank Canvas course. This allows you to see the structure of the template clearly and begin using it.

You will see detailed instructions on how to customize the course site template in the Faculty Guide module after you import it into a blank Canvas site. If you still have questions regarding the use of the template, please contact us at cndls@georgetown.edu.