Rethinking Assessments for Remote Teaching

Online Tests/Exams

If you are conducting online Tests/Exams, consider rewriting exams with questions that are more “ungoogleable” and explicitly make exams open book/open source. 

Tips for crafting questions: 

  1. Ask students to cross-reference information.  For example, what does what we learned in unit A interact with or inform unit B? 
  2. Students have to defend a previous position they’ve taken in the course (i.e. refer back to previous assignments they’ve submitted). 

Here are some considerations for Tests/Exams in Canvas:

  • Canvas offers a timer option to set a time limit for students taking a test online. However, it is important to note that internet connectivity issues on the student side can cause premature submission and/or an incorrect rendering of time spent on the test. For this reason, we urge caution using the timer on Canvas exams.
  • If relevant for your exam context, you can consider using Proctorio, a proctoring solution integrated with Canvas, to monitor students taking a test at a distance. 

Alternatives to Test/Exams

Consider assigning a project such as: 

  • Students generate their own questions for the test and provide the answer key
  • Students design case studies which could be used by practitioners in the relevant field 
  • Students write a paper and engage in peer review
  • Students create a multimedia presentation to share synchronously or asynchronously

In Canvas, consider using the following for student submissions:

  • Turnitin for written submissions (plagiarism detection solution integrated with Canvas assignments)
  • Zoom  (GU Zoom support site) for presentations or brief explanations of work
  • Panopto (GU Panopto support site) for recorded presentations
  • VoiceThread (GU Tools & Services site) for asynchronous presentations by students and instructor with multiple feedback options
  • Pages in Canvas with student editing access using the Rich Content Editor (Canvas Community site)
  • Webcam video recording via Rich Content Editor *(Canvas Community site) in Discussion boards

Other Resources