Tip Sheet: Oral Student Presentations in a Virtual Learning Environment

How can my class facilitate oral student presentations?

Option 1: In real time

  • Students can present live in Zoom during class, optionally sharing a document or slides.
  • To make the presentation more engaging, all students can be tasked to ask questions via the Zoom chat or in a shared Google doc.
  • The presentation can be recorded by the instructor.
  • The instructor can give immediate feedback during class or later via Canvas.

Option 2: Recorded

  • The student can deliver the oral presentation in Zoom outside of class and record it.
  • The student can then share the recording with the instructor and/or other students.
  • Specific students could be tasked with viewing the oral presentation and responding (peer feedback).

Option 3: VoiceThread

  • Students can present via the app VoiceThread. They can share slides or documents as they present. Other students can then go into the VoiceThread and leave comments in video, audio, or textual form.