Notes and Resources for Concurrent Hybrid Teaching



How will contact tracing work ? 

Please use the same seating each class period and note this in the Roll Call tool in Canvas. [See attached guide to using Roll Call in Canvas.] 

Who decides which students attend class online?  How do they know? In the case of undergraduate and graduate classes, how is it determined who can be in the classroom, and will it be the same students every time or is there some flexibility?

This is not answerable in a generalized policy way.  It is reasonable to assume that some students will have permission to be on campus and others will not based on changing health status, exposure, etc. Of the ones with permission, something the faculty member will need to manage.

Do we know how this compares to an entirely online synchronous class? 

Plan as you would for an online class, so that you can be sure to have online collaboration opportunities and class community across modalities.  The difference will be that you will be in a room with some of your students and have a live group with whom to interact, as well as the students on the screen. 

Do we create our own Zoom link on Canvas, then access it in class on the computer there?

Yes, please use your Zoom link created in your Canvas course and everyone should join through that link (muted or no audio for those in the classroom). 

Can the CETS staff remain in the on-campus class for the entire class? 

No. The CM assigned to the class will TRY to stay in the classroom for the first 10-15 minutes, depending on how many classes she/he may have to assist.

How can I prevent the horrible echo when students in the classroom try to speak on Zoom? 

To avoid echos, please instruct everyone in the classroom to turn their laptop speakers off, unmuting their microphones as needed.  Only the classroom speakers should be enabled when online students are speaking. (Laptop microphones should be enabled but muted until needed by the student speaking). Classroom speakers should only be enabled when in-person students are speaking.

Would you recommend using the PC installed in the classroom or is it ok to use a personal laptop (MacBook)?

  • You could use both….the classroom computer can be an online student gallery view and your personal laptop can join as a participant and share screen, etc. You wouldn’t be connected to any of the in-room cameras on your own laptop.
    • Log into Zoom as a participant and give presentation rights to that participant (your laptop), or use for visibility into collaboration spaces.
  • Consider bringing your personal laptop the first time and sign into the Zoom session with it.  It will give you flexibility and you can experiment in your first session. iPad also work. The room computer is the way to show the online students the classroom.
  • Signing in with your laptop (while using the PC as the main platform) can be done through WiFi.

How do I know where my class will be held?

  • You may look it up on the registrar’s schedule of classes, or through the ‘consolidated schedule view’ within My Access for faculty.

I’m teaching a course with approx. 50 enrolled students with 8-15 in the classroom, the rest Zooming in. When doing breakout rooms in class, I assume all students would huddle virtually, rather than physically. This also would mean that each present student would need to have a laptop or tablet. Is that correct? 

Yes!  All students should bring laptops to the in-person class so they can “mingle” with ALL students, regardless of modality

Is free on-campus parking being provided on the day that those of us teaching on campus will be there for class?

It’s free parking now until 1/31/21.  Beginning 2/1/21, the only free parking is for GU Emergency Personnel or anybody redeployed under GU Redeploy.  Please contact OTM about parking – they do offer a reduced rate for folks on campus 3 days a week or fewer.

Is parking free for students as well?

As of 2/2/21, no.

In the fall we were encouraged to take frequent breaks to help alleviate Zoom fatigue for our students. What’s the recommendation for hybrid, with a mix of in-person and virtual? My classes are 75 minutes long.

Similar breaks or least activity shifting are a good idea.  Consider a 5-10 minute warm-up, 20 minute lecture or discussion, 10 minute collaboration, 5 minute break, 20 minute lecture or student presentation, then your closing activity.

This is just one example. 

My GU student daughter tells me that students are often on their own group chats during class.  I’m thinking of enlisting in-person students to help make sure that remote students are getting attention

Backchanneling can be a challenge. There are some good reasons to encourage their use (see guide to backchannels) but also important reasons to set expectations for communication in your courses as relates to the type of engagement you hope to engender.

How much preparation do the students receive prior to participating in hybrid learning?

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, none. Here is a one-page tipsheet for your hybrid students. 

How do I get an ITA and what is their role? 

CNDLS also helps coordinate the Instructional Technology Aide (ITA) program to support faculty in developing and maintaining a seamless course environment, particularly between remote and in-class students. Your point-of-contact in your school is in the process of matching you to an experienced ITA.  In order for the ITA to best support you, your TAs, and the course, it would be very useful to do the following:

  1. Email your ITA as soon as possible to introduce yourself and your course
  2. Add your ITA to your Canvas course site in the role of “Designer”
  3. Review what ITAs do. Their main responsibilities since the start of the program in June 2020 are: 
    1. Monitor Zoom chat; 
    2. OrganizieCanvas materials; and 
    3. Troubleshooting technology issues on your behalf and students. 
    4. Please note that ITAs provide software support, not hardware support. They can’t replace or act as a CETS staff.  

Please email to discuss your classroom support needs.