Tip Sheet: Canvas Course Analytics

Canvas provides a lot of data on user activity within a course. While looking at this data, it is important to keep your course design in mind because it provides more context into the data you are looking at. In this brief guide, we highlight some of the analytics that are provided as part of a course in Canvas.

How do I access Canvas Analytics?

Step 1: Open Course

Start by opening your course.

Step 2: View Course Analytics 

On the right menu, you should see “View Course Analytics” button.

Step 3: View students’ analytics data

Here you can view individual student analytics data.

Step 4: Toggle analytics graph

Finally, you can toggle between data displayed in a  graph or table. There are four types of graphs you can see for each student: Activity by Date, Communication, Submissions, and Grades.

Individual Student Analytics

Below is a breakdown of the options available to you as an instructor when viewing individual student analytics within the course. The best source to read more about the options below is to visit Instructure’s documentation on student analytics within a course. 

Option: Activity by date

This graph shows page views and participation broken down by months.

Option: Communication

This data shows the exchange in the conversation between the student and instructor at different times.

Option: Submissions

This data shows the student’s assignments and submissions and whether they are on time, late, missing, or scheduled for a future date.

Option: Grades 

This graph shows the student’s assignments in conjunction with the class high, low, and average.

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