Instructional Technology Aides (ITAs)

Purpose of ITAs

Instructional Technology Aides serve to help you in creating a seamless, virtual course environment. Since Summer 2020, 170 undergraduate students have served as instructional tech aides.

The majority of faculty reported that their ITA allowed them to focus on engaging with students on course content instead of administrative or technological issues. 

Request forms open NOW to request an ITA for Spring 2021:

What ITAs Can Do

Maintain your virtual environment by:

  • Uploading materials into Canvas
  • Troubleshooting connection and access issues with enrolled students
  • Monitoring zoom discussions, chat function, and/or breakout rooms

Monitor course activities by:

  • Gathering rapid class feedback
  • Distilling discussion board responses
  • Attending office hours
  • Tracking attendance

Support communication process with students about course expectations:

  • Providing feedback to faculty on clarity of assignment directions
  • Fielding logistical questions from students around multi-step assignments
  • Helping facilitate interactive and project-based group work activities and assignments
What ITAs cannot do: Grade. ITA responsibilities listed above do not include grading or any activity that asks students to judge students in the class. Any grading required should be done by the instructor and/or TAs.
Faculty Responsibilities:
  • Communication: Faculty reported that the average amount of time communicating with their ITA was 1.5 hours per week through email or zoom
  • Access to Canvas or shared documents: ITAs work best in the “TA” or “designer” role

Quotes from Faculty

“[My ITA] has saved my life by allowing me to focus on both content and planning. She is available for all classes and I often make her the host so she can deal with technical issues while I concentrate on discussions. She will also contact students with updates on asynchronous work, syllabus changes and more. She keeps track of attendance and let’s me know if some students are infrequently missing discussions.”

“I do want to thank the university for providing us with ITAs—my ITA has already helped immensely and her value will only increase over the semester!”

“I am SOOO grateful for the Technical Assistant program. Mine is amazing – she is responsive, engaging, and resourceful. She is a work study student who is grateful for the opportunity to work. As a former work-study student myself, I am so proud of the way the university has pivoted and offered work study students an opportunity to be Technical Assistants. Please kindly keep these Technical Assistants in place as long as we are online.”

Quotes from Students in Courses with ITAs

“I appreciate the professors requesting student feedback and modifying assignment modality, due dates, and class length. The “tech assistants” in each class are also very helpful. I think everyone is making the best of the situation and open to trying new ideas.”

“I liked how the technical assistants were able to help the professors run the class more smoothly.”

CNDLS provides the following support to ITAs:​

  • Dedicated Canvas site built by experienced ITAs and CNDLS
  • Active Q&A Discussion Board for ITAs monitored by past ITAs (155 posts and counting!)
  • Live Training Session opportunities in January
  • ITAs also supported by regular CNDLS Office Hour service

Top three technology services performed as reported by the ITAs:

  1. Monitoring in-class Zoom sessions
  2. Troubleshooting technology issues
  3. Uploading to & organizing materials in Canvas


What’s the difference between a TA and an ITA?
TAs have content knowledge and assist with teaching. ITAs may or may not have content knowledge. Their role is to help the course run smoothly, with a focus on tech support.

What can my ITA do for me?
You can tailor the ITA position to fit your needs! You can task your ITA with helping to maintain the virtual environment, monitor course activities, and support completion of assignments. Please see above for a list of example tasks.

When will ITAs begin work?
You should receive an email connecting you to your ITA before the start of classes (1/25/21). As long as their hiring paperwork has been completed and processed, you can begin working with your ITA before then.

Will I need to track my ITAs hours?
No, the Point of Contact within your school will track hours.

Who should I tell if my ITA isn’t fulfilling the expectations of the role?
Please reach out to the Point of Contact for your school (see list below) immediately.

School Points of Contact

College: Cynthia Reid-Wills:
NHS: Kylie Unger:
MSB: Rebecca Hamilton:
McCourt: Gabriel Taylor:
SFS: Sarah Krauss:
BGE: Meghan Bowyer:
GUMC: Dustyn Wright: