Template: Faculty Letter to Students

Dear Students,

As you have no doubt heard by now, we will be conducting class virtually through the rest of the spring semester, including finals. This is not the semester that any of us expected, but I hope that we can work together to continue learning even during this period of global uncertainty. Please take care of yourself and each other as we make this transition online and reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Here’s what to expect going forward:

  • Class Meeting Time: [insert your own details]
  • Class Meeting Format: [insert your own details]
  • Adjusted Syllabus or Assignments: [insert your own details]
  • Expectations for Participation: [ex. insert your own details]
  • Access: [ex. If you foresee any issues with participating remotely (such as lack of access to textbooks or technology), please reach out so we can brainstorm options.]
  • Personal Circumstances [ex. If there are any circumstances that may affect your learning, please let me know.]

There may be challenges with internet access, technology, and other issues, so let’s try to be flexible and help each other. Please review these instructions about using Zoom as a Student. I’ll set up the our Zoom session in Canvas; you can access it early if you want to practice. You should also review these Tips for Being a Successful Online Student.

We will talk more in class about other impacts of the change on our course and your final projects. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate this crisis as a community.

All best,

Prof. X