Companies that are Helping

An increasing number of companies are contributing to the social good at this time of disruption through free or extended access to their offerings and services. Below we’ve assembled a list of companies that have responded to the COVID-19 crisis with free/extended access, and whose services or products may be useful for your class.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is enabling “at home” access for students who normally use their products in on-campus labs. Access will extend through May 31, 2020.¬†More here


Wiley announced that they are offering their digital courseware free to any instructors who do not currently have an online learning solution. They’re also keeping up a content hub with videos, webinars, and PDFs, as well as access to their support team. More here 

Xfinity Comcast

During the COVID-19 crisis, Comcast will be offering Xfinity Wifi free for everyone. They will also be increasing the speed of their Internet Essentials programs and giving all customers unlimited data for no additional charge through mid-May. More here


IBM SPSS is available for students to download and install for free from the software webstore, Student access to this software is usually restricted to campus computer labs, but IBM has amended Georgetown’s contract to allow student local installations through August.


CogBooks is offering its adaptive courseware for free for the remainder of the spring semester. They’re also offering complimentary onboarding services at this time. More here

Johns Hopkins University Press

Johns Hopkins University Press is making all of its content on Project MUSE available for free until the end of May. Read more


Pearson is making digital versions of textbooks available to students at no extra charge. Read more

Also check out this spreadsheet, externally maintained, for an ongoing list of companies that are helping plus resources and guides.

Office Hours

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