Set-up time: <30 minutes (do-it-yourself)
Participants must have: web access

A wiki is a constantly expandable set of web pages that are easily linked back and forth to each other. Wikis provide an opportunity to produce information collaboratively. Georgetown uses Google Sites for classroom and project wikis.

One major benefit of a wiki is its "history" section. Users know who made which edits, and can revert back to a previous version of a page if needed. Since no edits are ever lost, students can make changes without risk.

Consider keeping a course glossary or encyclopedia wiki with your class throughout the academic year. Terms and definitions can be added throughout the year, providing students with a study guide in case of emergency. Alternative uses include having students working on a group project collaborate online with a wiki or asking students to produce their final project in wiki form.

For more information, see the Georgetown Commons page on wikis or learn how to use Google Sites.