Lecture Capture

Set-up time: 15-30 minutes
Participants must have: Echo360 installed on their computer; a built-in or other microphone; a webcam (if using video)

Lecture capture software such as Echo360 allows users to capture video and audio lectures. Links to recorded lectures can be easily uploaded to Blackboard or added to a class or personal blog. All Georgetown faculty who are teaching have an Echo360 account. (Echo360 is Mac and Windows compatible.)

Echo360 provides an easy solution for creating a web-deliverable lecture. While lectures recorded with Echo360 are NOT real-time, they are available on-demand, making them a good solution for personalized delivery of course content when it is not possible to gather students online at the same time for a live course session.

To get started, visit the Echo360 support site.

For information on using lecture capture in your teaching, visit the Georgetown Commons page on lecture capture.