Google Apps

Set-up time: <10 minutes (do-it-yourself)
Participants must have: web access

In addition to its ubiquitous email service, Gmail, Google offers a free suite of productivity tools that are easily shared. This suite, called Google Drive, includes collaboratively editable documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings. Georgetown now supports Google Drive; go to “Drive” after logging in to Georgetown Apps. Also included is a form tool that allows you easily to create questions sets; the results of participants’ answers to these questions are automatically tracked on a spreadsheet that the question set’s creator can view at any time.

We see Google Drive as a helpful solution if you are looking to collaboratively edit a document or data sheet in progress– or if you are looking for a means of giving an informal quiz or survey. Please note that the results of a user’s answers to Google Drive forms (visible on a spreadsheet) are only timestamped, not marked with the user’s name. Because of this, they should not be used as a formal evaluation tool. If you use the form informally, you should still be sure to ask the students to enter their names as a field on the form.

Google Hangouts

Holding a lecture or discussion through live video is easy. To set up a discussion, make sure your Google+ profile is set up through your Georgetown Gmail, start a hangout, and invite your students. You can also stream live one-way video for larger classes. Click here to learn more.

For more information, please contact CNDLS.