Course Blog

Set-up time: <1 week processing (set up by CNDLS)
Participants must have: web access, membership on blog

The Georgetown University Commons, a suite of web tools for the classroom and guidance on using them, offers WordPress blogs to Georgetown faculty, staff, and students. A course blog is simply a particular use of a blog to most effectively serve the needs of a course. Instructors often use their course blogs to post their syllabi online, provide access to digital course readings, and ask students to respond to readings and comment on each others’ entries.

A course blog is a useful alternative course management system. A blog can easily accept embedded videos, screencasts, and audio files, as well as make uploaded files of many varieties (PDFs, documents, PowerPoints, spreadsheets) easily accessible to members of the blog.

For more information, please contact the CNDLS developers or fill out a sign-up form.