Using Zoom for an Appalachian Lit class

17 Feb 2015

From Patricia O'Connor: Just finished the Appalachian Lit class (ENG 188-01). Class did more participation in this one as I invited them to take a few minutes and find a passage that supported a statement I gave them: "The eastern Kentucky mountain character Gertie Nevils in The Dollmaker by H. Arnow sees buying the Tipton Farm as a paradise of possibilities. Find passages that demonstrate how she shows good use of land and resources that fit into the theme of sustainable farming that we have seen in this novel and prior texts." Many class members contributed and became comfortable with unmuting their microphones, saying their names, and then making comments or reading passages. We even had two students attending class from aboard the Swim Team bus en route to a meet in Pennsylvania and could see and hear them clearly (with some friendly photo-bombing of the students sitting behind them!).

The class had made postings in Blackboard prior to this session that we also drew upon easily.

I had some difficulty using the shared screen when I wanted to show a YouTube video of steelmaking to acquaint the class with working conditions where the KY family moved, but eventually managed to get it to work.

The chat space in Zoom where one can type was also an alternative for comments which some students used. Another student sent a note via e-mail with a good question.

In all we had a fairly decent experience with classroom continuity via Zoom.