Using Skype to Connect

10 Feb 2010

I am utilizing the Blackboard discussion forum for a large seminar class in CCT for Wednesday evening.  However, for my small thesis colloquium, wherein real time discussion is important, I decided to convene the colloquium with Skype’s conference tool (it’s free and can accommodate up to 25 people).  I wrote this morning to my students asking for feedback and their thoughts for the next colloquium meeting. Here’s what Anna Palladino wrote (I have her permission to quote from her post here):

Hi everyone,

__I thought the skype call was very helpful and I would be very up for doing that again on Friday if need be….I would be alright with blackboard stuff too but I think there’s a real value to hearing each other and being able to clarify or expand upon stuff in real time so I’d prefer skype.