Using Elluminate to Teach Remotely

12 Feb 2010

In keeping with the momentum of the semester, I made the decision Wednesday morning (with no plow in sight), to make use of this Elluminate option I had been hearing about.  CNDLS support made this option an efficient and effective reality for my HEST 042/ NURS 042 Human Growth and Development students. I was sucessful in reaching all my students  by email, who were as successful in prepping for the session as instructed on blackboard.  While none of us had participated in this medium, I found the discussion interaction valuable as did the students with positive comments about fluidity and engagement with the class and the content presentation.  ”It looks/feels just like we were in the classroom” says Melissa.  Am also pleased that most were able to view the film clips for them on the blackboard sharestream, from their remote locations. Overall, very successful alternative with conceivably identical outcome.