Meeting Virtually

11 Feb 2010

I took up the Provost’s suggestion two days ago to think about ways to stay connected with students. Here’s what I did and how it worked:

For my thesis workshop, students usually present their work and we discuss.  So, we met ‘virtually’ yesterday.  I had them submit their work on Blackboard under a button I created under ‘Assignments’, and then created a discussion board and started a forum for each student’s work.  We all got on the discussion board and wrote to each other with comments.  It worked great!

For my Sustainable Development class that usually meets today, I asked students to submit spend the two hours of our class meeting time preparing a one-page summary analysis of the readings on climate change I had assigned for today.   I told them I would pick the best submissions to guide us in a discussion of these readings next week, allowing us to save time and handle next week’s readings too.  The submission deadline is noon tomorrow but I have already received a quarter of the submissions. So far, so good.