Blogging through the Snowstorm

03 Mar 2010

I now teach all my courses with an on-line component which amounts to a co-authored blog through WordPress (view the blog here; Georgetown users can log-in with their NetID). The course is a blend of the old and new, of course, but we blog together all semester long with I posting weekly class blogs and the students providing research blogs/comments. During the recent storm we did not miss a beat. Class kept meeting on-line as research blogs were posted and commented upon. We could have done even more if the forced recess had continued for another day or two. I also used the class e-mail function of Blackboard in this process.

The WordPress component has fundamentally shifted my teaching from just in-class to a combination of that with on-line that is collaborative in nature. Some of this I did before the shift but the ease, efficiency, and most of all, the feel for this kind of pedagogy is very appealing. I recently got my first set of student responses from my fall course and the students were strongly supportive of that effort and I anticipate this second group will have a similar response when it is over.