Blackboard Facilitates Discussion

10 Feb 2010

For keeping up with discussions, I have found the Blackboard  discussion forum to be a wonderful tool. Since I ask students to regularly contribute to discussions outside of class each week, keeping this going during the snow has been a cinch, and a familiar task for the students, who take it pretty much in stride. Yes, we will have missed our face-to-face conversations in French, but at least we can share ideas about the end of the novel we were reading (Gabrielle Roy’s Bonheur d’occasion), and put those blogs/forum contributions   into the context of our past classroom discussions on the book.

I plan on forging ahead with our syllabus pretty much as planned once classes resume, as we have lost relatively little time in terms of completing the readings for the seminar. While I would not say this tool would be appropriate in a lower division language class setting, for seminar discussions it is very useful, snow or no snow!