There are a number of ways to adapt existing assignments for circumstances where you miss face-to-face meetings. For example:

  • In lieu of in-class discussion, you could use the dicussion feature in Canvas or Blackboard.
  • For more guided discussion, you could ask students to write one-page response papers on a particular topic or short responses to question prompts. They could post their response in a Canvas or Blackboard discussion board or on a class blog. You could then ask each student to respond to at least one other student’s paper.
  • If you know in advance that you will miss class, you might record a video lecture or audio podcast. You could post this to Blackboard, or Canvas or a course blog, and assign students to review and comment on the material.
  • You could create a voice or video recording on a particular topic using VoiceThread. Then ask students to comment on the recording in VoiceThread.
  • Browse the Faculty Examples page for examples of how Georgetown faculty have used these strategies in designing and adapting assignments.
  • Create a short assessment in Canvas or Blackboard, or use a Google Form to check students' understanding of an assigned reading.
  • If you or your students are unable to meet face-to-face to discuss drafts of written work, you can use Canvas to create a peer review assignment, which will allow each student to provide feedback on another student’s work.