Inspired by the creative solutions that many faculty devised during the snow closures in 2010, this site is designed to address the challenges of continuing course work without being able to meet with students face-to-face. Anything from extreme weather to family emergencies can disrupt scheduled courses. The tools and strategies described here can minimize the effects of those unexpected changes.

How can I prepare for a disruption?

To ensure continuity during an emergency of unknown scope and duration, it is important to think early about possible ways to work around future disruptions. Start Planning →

In the event of a campus closure, how can I communicate with my students?

There are many communication channels available to you during a disruption—choose the option that works best for the situation. Learn More →

Adjusting assignments in the wake of a disruption

It may be very simple to adapt your existing assignments for circumstances where you miss face-to-face meetings. View Examples →